Officials - Memo to Parish, District & CYC Paying/Hiring Entities

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Memo to All Parish, District & CYC Hiring Entities Regarding the Paying/Hiring of Sports Officials

Each Sports Official, including referees, umpires, linesmen, scorekeepers, timekeepers, or any approved floor or table officials, who are hired to work in any league, district, or playoff game sanctioned by the Catholic Youth Council, must be registered with the CYC Sports Officials Association and must have a valid federal form W-9 on file in the CYC Sports Officials Office.

Sports Officials working in any sanctioned CYC league or playoff game are Independent Contractors. Therefore, the following rules, governing all independent contractors, must be adhered to:

  1. All sports officials have the right to negotiate with the Parish Athletic Association, local CYC District, or the CYC Office for their services.  An official may accept or reject any game offered.
  2. Sports officials will always provide their own uniforms and also any equipment required in the performance of their services.
  3. No one from the Parish Athletic Association, local CYC District, or CYC Office may interfere in the performance of the work done by a sports official.
  4. The official should always be paid by check from the paying entity and according to the pay schedule set by the paying entity as is understood by the official.
  5. The paying entity will keep detailed records of all games played under its direction, including the names of the officials who work these games.
  6. A sports official may not work exclusively for one specific entity to the exclusion of others, nor may any Parish Athletic Association, local CYC District, or CYC Office employ for it exclusive use, any sports official for any game or series of games.
  7. All sports officials are recognized as Independent Contractors and, therefore, are entitled to offer their services to other entities both within and outside the CYC system.
  8. All sports officials must be 12 years of age or older in keeping with Missouri State Law regarding child labor. No paying entity may contract with anyone under the age of 12 to serve as a sports official for any game sanctioned by the CYC.
  9. The hiring/paying entity will cooperate with the Internal Revenue Service by providing a 1099 for any and all sports officials who earn $600.00 or more during a calendar year. The hiring/paying entity will also provide a copy of the 1099 to the sports officials.